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We simply automate your business

At Simply Automate, we help you throughout the process with robots from identification of possible processes over automation of the processes on the robot to operation and support of the robots.

If you want to be able to automate yourself,  we are also happy to help.

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Identification of processes

Together with you, we identify processes that are suitable for automation. The identification can be done in everything from a single department to the entire company. This can be either in the form of interviews or through workshops with selected employees.

We have developed a Process Catalog, where the identified processes are documented, and it is possible to calculate pay-back and other benefits for the individual process. Then it is possible to prioritize which processes to implement first.  

We are also happy to help implement a governance model in relation to the use of the robots.


Process automation

Once the process is selected, we can start automating it. In the vast majority of cases, this takes the form of "peer training".


The employee who solves the task reviews the process with us. The process is documented in the form of e.g. recording or flow charts.

Subsequently, we set up the process in the software and it is ready for testing. After your approval of the automated process, the robot will now be able to be put into operation.

The first process is usually up and running after 1-2 weeks.

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Operation and support

With a support agreement, we take over responsibility for the operation of your robots. We monitor the progress of your processes. When we automate a process, we will in the setup ensure that we are notified about support tasks. Should a stop occur or the process not be completed, we will ensure that the process is restarted.

We will also be able to continuously collect data on the running of the processes. It can e.g. be on the number of processes performed, number of stops, time spent on the process, or whatever may be relevant to you.


Training of employees

If you want to be able to automate yourself, we are also happy to help with that. In collaboration with you, we will prepare a course that reflects the individual employee's competencies and your wishes.

As part of the training, we will jointly set up processes on the robot, so that the employee gets a hands-on experience with methods and best practice.


If the employee is to be in charge of support and operation, this will also be reflected in the training process.

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