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We can understand your processes - and can automate them

An administrative robot and RPA are standard software designed to automate administrative tasks. The robot is set up to solve the task that an employee solves, and it does not require adjustment in your existing programs. If you have tasks that can be solved with a mouse and keyboard, then you definitely have tasks that can be solved with an administrative robot.

Imagine that you receive an order in pdf from a customer per. mail, and a few minutes later the robot has entered it into the ERP system, and perhaps the robot will reply the customer back about delivery time. At the same time, the employee who previously entered the order now has time to service the customers who contact him.  

This is just an example of a task that can be automated. There are hundreds of similar tasks in purchasing, logistics, production, customer service, HR, IT, finance or in any department of your company. It's just a matter of seeing the possibilities and getting an overview. We are happy to help with that.

So whether you are a webshop with few employees, a production company with a hundred employees or a shipping company with several thousand employees, there are processes that can be automated - and we have tried it.

Think big

  • Anchoring in management

  • Think within the value chain

  • Involve employees

Start small

  • Select 1-2 processes

  • Discover the possibilities

  • Get approval in the company

Scales quickly

  • Identify the potential

  • Prioritize the opportunities

  • Inform employees

Get started quickly and easily with the use of robots
- it's digital "peer training"

When you start using robots, it's like hiring a new employee, but this one is just virtual. A new employee must be put into the tasks, and so must the robot. So setting up a process on a robot is actually just digital "peer training" - and the robot remembers it all.

The robot uses the same programs and accesses, and therefore no adjustments need to be made in existing programs. So the implementation time for a process is relatively short and you will achieve fast results. This is a business project with the aim of freeing up time, getting happier employees and more satisfied customers.

In order for you to get started using robots, it simply requires:

  • Creating a virtual user as if it were an employee

  • Installing the standard Power Automate Desktop software from Microsoft

  • Selection and setup of a process on the robot

After 2-3 weeks, we will then be able to automate the first simple process with you, and you will immediately experience the time savings and increased quality.

To automate the processes, we primarily use products from Microsoft's Power platform:

The advantages are that there is a high level of functionality by default, and you can purchase additional functionality if needed. Thus, you can automate many processes with Power Automate Desktop, but if you e.g. want to collect mobile data, then you will be able to acquire Power Apps for a small additional price.

We have e.g. a customer who collects their customers' consumption data on Power Apps, after which Power Automate invoices the consumption in Navision.

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We help achieve greater agility, competitiveness and growth

With the robots, it will be possible to achieve significant competitive advantages in relation to servicing customers, suppliers and employees and at the same time achieve lower costs per. transaction.
The use of administrative robots offers a number of benefits:



The robot works 5 to 10 times faster than an employee and can work 24/7



The robot solves the task in the same way every time and it makes no mistakes



The robot binds processes, platforms and systems together



The robot has no restrictions on the amount of work done


Employee satisfaction

The robot frees up time for the employee for value-creating tasks

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