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We have simply automated their business ...

At Simply Automate, we take pride in having happy and satisfied customers.

Below are opinions from some of our customers.

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The Port of Grenaa is one of Denmark's large industrial and commercial ports and is the most central deepwater port. The Port of Grenaa has for over 1½ years worked with automation of their administrative processes. More than 50 processes have been automated. Several different software are used.

At the Port of Grenaa, we are constantly optimizing our business. We are interested in new technology and the opportunities it brings. At Simply Automate, we have a partner who understands our business and who can automate our manual processes. We have been released human resources through time savings, whereby we can provide a higher service both internally and externally. ”

Kirsten Hvid Schmidt, CFO


SACO is a neutral NVOCC service provider. In short, an NVOCC is a cargo consolidator, who operates between the carrier and the shipper with both import and export of goods. SACO has its headquarters in Hamburg, and has offices or representation in numerous cities around the world.

“At SACO we want to use the latest technology to ensure a fast and accurate handling of our customers cargo. Simply Automate has shown us, how we can utilize the Power platform in our operation. We can see the advantages by automating repetitative and time consuming tasks. The first process was up and running in a few weeks, and it gave us faster respons and significant time savings – and the employees are happy.”

Norman Vogt, General Manager

Leo Jansen, General Manager IT


East Jutland Fire Service is the joint municipal rescue service, which is owned by Aarhus, Skanderborg, Odder and Samsø Municipalities. The emergency services serve 430,000 citizens and respond to fires, drowning accidents, traffic accidents and environmental pollution approx. 2,500 times a year. East Jutland's Fire Service has approx. 400 employees divided into full-time and part-time employees, volunteers and junior firefighters.

"At East Jutland's Fire Service, we have seen the possibilities of automating administrative processes. We have started by automating part of our invoicing processes. Simply Automate has helped us free up time for our administrative staff so they can focus on other tasks. We are convinced that this is only the beginning and that there are many other opportunities throughout our organization.”

Karina Gregersen, Head of Secretariat


ECU Nordic is a shipping company that collects and ships goods for other shipping companies. ECU Nordic has automated more than 60 processes. In connection with the change of operating platform, ECU Nordic also chose to change robot software to MS Power Automate and has entered into a support agreement, which ensures monitoring of the operation of the robots.

“Simply Automate has helped us move our robots to the new platform. They have a great understanding of our processes, which has enabled a quick implementation. It has clearly been a success on all parameters - and the journey continues. "

Mads Winther, CEO

ECU ship.jpg
Tradepoint billede.png

Tradepoint develops, buys and sells furniture and applied arts to major national and international brands and retailers, do-it-yourself stores and e-commerce players who benefit from direct container purchases mainly from Asia. 

“We have clearly seen the possibilities with the use of robots, and Simply Automate helps us on our journey. Simply Automate understands our processes and we have a good collaboration based on mutual trust. We have automated some heavy processes in sales and purchase order handling, but can see opportunities throughout the company. ”

Steen Foged Pedersen, CFO

linebreak600px.png is a WEB shop that sells workwear, profile clothing and casual wear for companies and individuals. The company is a gazelle company with great growth.

“We are a company that wants to use new technology to support our growth. Simply Automate has opened our eyes to how robots can help us automate our business and gain competitive advantage. We have made the first robots and can see lots of possibilities - the challenge will be to prioritize the order… ”


Mikkel Birk Christiansen, CEO

pro-dress bil.jpg

Handywoman helps women with do-it-yourself projects through courses, team building, lectures and by solving smaller tasks. In addition, Handywoman has a web shop with i.a. tools and other do-it-yourself work.

“Simply Automate has made a huge difference to the operation of my webshop and saves me 2 employees. My "robots" take care of almost all my administrative tasks - and completely without the inevitable, manual errors. With the automation of tasks that I previously did manually, I can focus on growing and developing my business. ”

Jeanne Thylkjær Fjorback, Owner and handywoman

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