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Cookie policy

How cookies are used

When you click on or associated sites, a number of information is collected about you, your computer and your behavior on the website. Below you can read in detail about the information we collect and what it is used for.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that we store on your computer, tablet or mobile phone for the purpose of being able to recognize it, remember your settings, target content and to collect statistics. Cookies can not contain malicious code such as virus.

Cookies are necessary for the website to work. They also help us get an overview of your visit to our website, so we can continuously optimize and target our content according to your needs. We are only interested in using cookies to provide a better user experience and not in abusing knowledge to expose you to irrelevant marketing. All your information is therefore treated responsibly, with respect for your privacy and of course in accordance with the latest legislation in the field.  

For how long are cookies stored?

The lifespan of cookies may vary according to what the individual providers have set them for. Some cookies disappear as soon as you close the browser window, others may exist for several years. Many providers typically spend 12 or 24 months on their advertising, statistics, and content-related cookies. Note that the service life is extended after each visit, so it is e.g. 24 months from the last time you visited a website, cookies are stored on your computer. You can delete cookies on your computer at any time. See instructions by clicking here .

NOTE: If you block or delete cookies, you risk that the website does not work optimally. Additionally, there may be content that you cannot access.

Last updated on 16-09-2021

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